Plumbing & Pipe Fittings

Plumbing is the process of installing and repairing water, gas, drainage and other piping systems in houses, workplaces or buildings, whereas, pipe-fitting is the process of installing and maintain pipes that carry hazardous chemicals, gas and acids. Although these two professions might sound simple and less-stressful, it requires extensive knowledge, skills and expertise to install them and maintain them accordingly. Individuals in this profession have to hard working, with an abundant knowledge of technicalities and all of these technicalities, skills and knowledge will be provided systematically to the learners through the courses found under this category. From the very basics to the advanced aspects of plumbing and pipe-fitting, this category will provide you access to insightful courses that are fully accredited by highly recognized awarding bodies. This section also has separate training courses that will guide you on how to install, maintain and repair pipes and how to dispose of the waste water and chemicals.

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