Health and Social Care

Health and social care refer to the services that are available from the health and social care institutes or organisations in a specific country. Health care services focuses on treating or diagnosing illnesses, diseases, injuries or mental impairments, whereas, social services focuses on providing social work, personal care or protection to children or adults in need or at risk or to people with illnesses, disabilities, oldage or poverty. Both of these concepts are very crucial from the perspective of a society and will contribute greatly towards the growth of an economy. Only highly qualified and specialised individuals can get into this industry, as the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of individuals rely massively on these services. The courses under this category will explore more about health and social care to put you on par with the others in the industry. From the very basics to the more advanced aspects of health and social care, this category is the only place you might have to browse to learn and get accredited real fast.

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