Beer Brewing

Beer brewing all in all refers to the process of producing beer for consumption. Beer brewing can be conducted by a homebrewer or a commercial brewer and the process usually starts by adding a starch source – cereal grains or barley – into water and then fermenting the resulting liquid with yeast. These are few of the initial steps, however, it goes through alot of procedures and steps to form into the beer that is consumed by many people worldwide. Beer brewing is a critical process as one has to have the relevant knowledge and training to perform malting, milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, filtering, conditioning and many other processes accordingly. This platform will teach you all about these processes and beer brewing in general, if you aspire to make a living out of beer brewing. All the courses are very easy to follow and are inclusive of many tips, tricks and techniques that are sure to make your learning journey with us an easy one.

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