Diploma in Pesticide Safety - Level 3

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  • Endorsed by "Quality Licence Scheme"
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  • Course Code QLS-04484

Key Features

High quality e-learning study materials and mock exams.
Tutorials/materials from the industry leading experts.
24/7 Access to the Learning Portal.
Benefit of applying TOTUM Discount Card.
Recognized Accredited Qualification.
Excellent customer service and administrative support.
Who Is This Course Aimed at?
  • Students
  • Job seekers
  • Farmers
  • Other professionals related to agriculture
  • Anyone willing to learn more about agricultural pesticides
Entry Requirements
  • Learners should be age 19 or over, and must have a basic understanding of Maths, English, and ICT.
  • A recognised qualification at level 2 or above in any discipline.
Access Duration

The course will be directly delivered to you, and you have 12 months access to the online learning platform from the date you joined the course.  The course is self-paced and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lectures at any time.

Method of Assessment

In order to complete the Diploma in Pesticide Safety - Level 3 successfully, all students are required to complete a series of assignments. The completed assignments must be submitted via the online portal. Your instructor will review and evaluate your work and provide your feedback based on how well you have completed your assignments.


At the end of this course successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Quality Licence Scheme and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the components the learner has completed as part of the course).

Course Code: QLS-04484

Awarding body (Accreditation)

Quality Licence Scheme have long-established reputations for providing high quality vocational qualifications across a wide range of industries. Quality Licence Scheme combine over 180 years of expertise combined with a responsive, flexible and innovative approach to the needs of our customers.

Renowned for excellent customer service, and quality standards, Quality Licence Scheme also offers qualifications for all ages and abilities all are developed with the support of relevant stakeholders to ensure that they meet the needs and standards of employers across the UK.

Progression and Career Path Once you successfully completed the Level 3 Diploma in Pesticide Safety, you will gain knowledge and skills that will give your career the jumpstart you have always wanted. With this completion you can further expand your education or go onto work in numerous positions that will also put you in line to demand a higher salary or job promotion. The average UK salary per annum according to https://www.payscale.com is given below.
  • Farmers-  £20,592 per annum
  • Farm Workers - £19,615 per annum
  • Farm Manager - £27,803 per annum
  • Pest Control Technician - £18,743 per annum
  • Agricultural Pest Controller
  • Agricultural Pest Control Specialist
Other jobs you can get
  • Pest Control Technician
  • Pest Control Advisor
Other benefits
  • Written and designed by the industry’s finest expert instructors with over 15 years of experience
  • Repeat and rewind all your lectures and enjoy a personalised learning experience
  • Unlimited 12 months access from anywhere, anytime
  • Save time and money on travel
  • Learn at your convenience and leisure
  • Eligible for a TOTUM discount card
  • Free Career Support Service
  • 25% Discount on personal Statement and covering letter writing service
  • Free Access to Over 150 courses for 2 days (48 hours)
  • Free access to course before you purchase (For selected courses only)

Course Curriculum

01. Pesticide Alert
Pesticide Alert 00:00:00
02. Insecticide Safety Section
Insecticide Safety Section 00:00:00
03. Worker Protection Standard For Agricultural Pesticides
Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides 00:00:00
04. Terms You Need To Know
Terms You Need to Know 00:00:00
05. Pesticide Uses Involved In The Production Of Agricultural Plants
Pesticide Uses Involved in the Production of Agricultural Plants 00:00:00
06. Ipm Methods
IPM Methods 00:00:00
☑ Assignment
Assignment Brief I – Pesticide Safety Level 3 00:00:00
☑ Submit Your Assignment
Assignment Submission – Pesticide Safety Level 3 00:00:00
07. Pesticide Personal Protective Equipment
Pesticide Personal Protective Equipment 00:00:00
08. Pesticide Adsorption
Pesticide Adsorption 00:00:00
09. General Pesticide And Herbicide First Aid Section
General Pesticide and Herbicide First Aid Section 00:00:00
10. Common Kinds Of Pesticides And Their Function
Common Kinds of Pesticides and their Function 00:00:00
11. Pyrethroids
Pyrethroids 00:00:00
12. Neonicotinoids
Neonicotinoids 00:00:00
☑ Assignment
Assignment Brief II – Pesticide Safety Level 3 00:00:00
☑ Submit Your Assignment
Assignment Submission – Pesticide Safety Level 3 00:00:00
13. Hexaflumuron
Hexaflumuron 00:00:00
14. Diflubenzuron
Diflubenzuron 00:00:00
15. Pesticide Components
Pesticide Components 00:00:00
16. Biopesticides
Biopesticides 00:00:00
17. Antimicrobial Pesticides
Antimicrobial Pesticides 00:00:00
18. Ipm Control Program For Ant Control
IPM Control Program for Ant Control 00:00:00
☑ Assignment
Assignment Brief III – Pesticide Safety Level 3 00:00:00
☑ Submit Your Assignment
Assignment Submission – Pesticide Safety Level 3 00:00:00
19. Pesticides And Water Quality
Pesticides and Water Quality 00:00:00
20. Exposure Control Measures
Exposure Control Measures 00:00:00
21. Pesticide Formulations
Pesticide Formulations 00:00:00
22. Handling A Pesticide Emergency
Handling a Pesticide Emergency 00:00:00
23. Biocide First Aid
Biocide First Aid 00:00:00
24. Fungicides
Fungicides 00:00:00
☑ Assignment
Assignment Brief IV – Pesticide Safety Level 3 00:00:00
☑ Submit Your Assignment
Assignment Submission – Pesticide Safety Level 3 00:00:00
25. Miticides
Miticides 00:00:00
26. Pyrethroids
Pyrethroids 00:00:00
27. Rodenticide Formulation Process
Rodenticide Formulation Process 00:00:00
28. Honey Bee Protection
Honey Bee Protection 00:00:00
29. Rinsing Pesticide Containers
Rinsing Pesticide Containers 00:00:00
30. Respiratory Protection Section
Respiratory Protection Section 00:00:00
31. Aerial Application Section
Aerial Application Section 00:00:00
32. Integrated Pest Management
Integrated Pest Management 00:00:00
☑ Assignment
Assignment Brief V – Pesticide Safety Level 3 00:00:00
☑ Submit Your Assignment
Assignment Submission – Pesticide Safety Level 3 00:00:00


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  1. Zane Price November 23, 2019

    Gave me confidence

    The course content equipped me with sound knowledge on pesticide safety. This gave me the confidence to apply my new understanding and skills in my day to day job as a farm manager.

  2. Douglas Fraser October 05, 2019

    Highly beneficial

    As a pest control technician, I found this course very beneficial to my career. It contained a wealth of information on how to administer pesticides in a safe manner. The course content was comprehensive and covered key topics on various modules.

  3. Hector Allen September 17, 2019

    Excited about this new phase

    As a full-time worker I barely had time to study, but SLC provided me with a flexible and convenient path to gain a recognised qualification. I’m excited about this new phase of my life, and looking forward to what it brings.

  4. Ayaan Palmer August 21, 2019

    Proper guidance

    I’ve had a good time learning at SLC. They provided proper guidance and guidelines which made learning with them interesting and fun. The course was complex, but presented in an easy to grasp manner.

  5. Alfie Grant July 16, 2019


    The course was detail-oriented and came with proper instructions. The terms and conditions were explained fully, the registration process was efficient and it was then onto the course which I found very interesting.

  6. Joseph Doyle June 23, 2019

    Good for my career

    I wanted to gain a recognised qualification which was the primary reason for taking this course. Once I completed it, I was able to use the certification to apply for a promotion, which I’m happy to say that I recently got.

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