Wondering which project management certification to choose – PRINCE2 Agile or AgilePM?

Project management certifications are rising in demand globally. Managers and recruiters are understanding the value of professionally-certified individuals managing their projects. A certification may not be compulsory to master project management. But, having a professional qualification provides valuable insights about many frameworks.

A certification also adds credibility to a person’s project management career. It enhances their PM abilities that self-learning cannot allow.

What are the best project management certifications?

Many project management certifications such as PRINCE2, PMI, and CAPM are available. These are popular and globally-recognised qualifications. Agile project management certifications, programme management, and portfolio management are also there.

Among several PM certifications, it can overwhelm you about the choice. You can browse hundreds of agile PM courses online popping up overnight. But, it is a daunting task to select the best one in the crowd of fish.

Many project management certifications are similar in objectives. They even have similar contents an and differ in scope and factors. Selecting the best project management certification is daunting. You should chose the most suitable one for your company.

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What is agile project management?

Agile project management is an iterative method of handling projects. It breaks down into steps. Agile projects complete in many stages. These stages are sprints. The key pro of choosing agile PM is the stage-wise approach. It allows greater adaptability, flexibility, and allows changing project velocity.

It shows that managers can improve through project without going through conclusions. Agile project management is common in software development. Managers use it as a preferred method in many industries.

Agile project management certifications

Agile project management certifications

Two best certifications in the market are PRINCE2 Agile and AgilePM.


Prince2 Agile release date was in in 2015. The agile iteration of the PRINCE2 grew into a preferred agile PM certification. The PRINCE2 Agile PM certification uses agile principles with the original PRINCE2 framework. It offers a great process. It focuses on project-based seven processes, principles, and themes.

PRINCE2 framework developed as a strategic project management method. including the agile principles allows it to be more task-oriented. Thus, PRINCE2 Agile is a perfect fusion of long-term and short-term approaches.

The PRINCE2 Agile project management certification is obtainable in two stages. PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner.


AgilePM is the most popular agile project management certification in the world. Released in 2010, it is depending on the ‘Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM). The Agile Business Consortium developed it while accredited by APMG. AgilePM combines the fundamentals of project management with agile methodologies. It offer a highly-flexible yet effective project management framework.

It centers around eight principles and combines forward-planning with flexibility. Hence, this combination is the crux of most agile project management certifications. AgilePM focuses on breaking down projects into short-term goals. It helps to derive iterative pros and re-evaluates projects based on any changes (in requirements, resources etc.).

These two software work in two stages: AgilePM Foundation and AgilePM Practitioner. Both PRINCE2 and AgilePM offer facilities to earn the agile project management certification.

Choosing between PRINCE2 and AgilePM project management certifications

Both the AgilePM and PRINCE2 PM certifications are globally recognised.

Project Management Certification

Here are some of the key differences between the two certifications.


PRINCE2 Agile adds agile principles into the existing PRINCE2 framework. It suits projects which support the PRINCE2 framework. Project managers have great knowledge of PRINCE2 framework to reap its uses.

AgilePM has no such restrictions. Its methodologies apply in almost all instances. the PRINCE2 Agile is less flexible and welcoming than AgilePM.


The PRINCE2 tool has rigid methodologies. It offers pre-made templates for implementation. It has the practices to increase its ability to align with project or business. PRINCE2 is harder to customise.

AgilePM is more overarching and is more about basic principles. This means it is easier to apply in any situation, but doesn’t go into too much depth.

Ease of adopting

Companies using the PRINCE2 tool will have no difficulties for using PRINCE2 Agile. Those unfamiliar with the PRINCE2 framework might find it complex. But, AgilePM is easy to grasp and simpler.

Long- vs short-term

The PRINCE2 tool is a strategic one. It offers great tools an agile components. it allows for flexibility and focus on tasks. It is a long-term approach to project management.

AgilePM is agile to its core and is more focused on immediate concerns. Neither approach is bad. But, certain businesses would benefit more with one or the other.

But, none of these certifications are better than the other. When choosing the most suitable one, you should consider ease of adoption. Any project management systems will affect your decision

At day’s end, there is no right or wrong choice. Each provides vital pros. Each has the potential to transform the way your business operates.

July 29, 2022

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